Student Activities and Leadership Programs

Student Activities and Leadership Programs are dedicated to supporting the mission of Cazenovia College by creating an environment where all students have the opportunity to participate in events and activities that enhance their classroom experiences and allow them to acquire knowledge, skills and values in settings beyond the classroom.

Through involvement, students gain valuable leadership skills, create and build campus traditions and learn to live and work in the larger campus community. These opportunities are an integral part of Cazenovia College’s educational mission. Programs promote learning and development in students by encouraging outcomes such as intellectual growth, ability to communicate effectively, realistic self-appraisal, enhanced self-esteem, clarification of values, meaningful interpersonal relations, ability to work independently and collaboratively, appreciation of aesthetic and cultural diversity, and achievement of personal goals.

Alternative Breaks

Alternative Breaks allow students to experience heightened social awareness and life-long social action during academic breaks.
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Campus Activities Board

The Campus Activities Board (CAB) provides the campus with social events such as comedians, films, live performances, and special events.
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Clubs and Organizations

Clubs and organizations offer students many opportunities to explore interests, enrich their academic experience and connect with other students, faculty and staff.
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Community Service

Community Service projects provide opportunities for students to promote social responsibility, value diversity and apply appropriate perspectives in recognizing and changing communities locally
and globally.
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Leadership Opportunities

Student leadership development is an integral part of Cazenovia College’s educational mission. We strive to prepare students for leadership roles and responsibilities at Cazenovia College and
in the community.
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Student Government Association

The Student Government Association (SGA) serves as the primary governing and advocacy organization of all students. The Association's main purpose is to promote an informed and active student body.
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