First Year & New Students

First Year & New Students Opening Paragraphs

The Office of Student Life is committed to assisting first year and transfer students as they transition to life at Cazenovia College. Our Residence Life Program, coordinated by the Student Life staff, plays a significant role in student development.

Recognizing the importance of the learning that takes place outside the classroom, Student Life staff members focus their attention on the intellectual, social, personal, cultural and ethical development of students, and on the creation of a living environment that supports the learning mission of Cazenovia College.

Members of the Student Life staff are responsible for designing, planning and implementing social and educational programs throughout the academic year. These programs encourage students to become engaged in the life of the College by providing social opportunities as well as opportunities to enhance their intellectual and personal development.

Staff meet regularly with students to address needs such as maintenance concerns, security issues, lifestyle issues and personal challenges typical to most college students, including stress, test anxiety, homesickness and relationship management.

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