Living With a Roommate

Topics To Discuss With Your Roommate
  • What I need to maintain privacy and feel comfortable in your and my room
  • Hours I like to sleep, study, or ‘hang out’
  • Rules about Visitors - When are they allowed? Anytime? Weekends only? Daytime only? Who is allowed? Family only? Other students?
  • Rules for borrowing each other’s 'stuff'
  • Rules about food in the refrigerator
  • Rules about TV/Stereo use and times
  • Expectations about cleaning
  • Use of alcohol, cigarettes, or other substances
  • Other living expectations important to me
  • Expectations on how to communicate about issues or challenges – What can you expect from me if I have a problem
We Suggest The Following Advice…
  • Respect each other's privacy
  • Remember, you and your roommate have the right to feel comfortable in the room that will be home to both of you this year.
  • Keep visitation to a minimum and always ask your roommate first if it is ok.
Future Considerations...
  • Never share calling cards, credit cards, lock combinations, or other important numbers.
  • Comfort and studying come first. All other issues are secondary (visitors, music, etc,)

Download the Roommate Agreement (pdf).