Grounding Sky

Event Date(s): 
Wednesday, April 30, 2014 (All day) to Saturday, April 30, 2016 (All day)
Art Gallery Sculpture Court at Reisman Hall

Tadashi Hashimoto's work, Grounding Sky, will be on display in Sculpture Court from April 2014 through April 2016.

Artist's Lecture and Reception for Tadashi Hashimoto will be held October 23, 2014 from 4 - 5:30 p.m.

Grounding Sky by Tadashi Hashimoto
Grounding Sky, 2014
Hand-hewn wood, enamel paint
by international sculptor
Tadashi Hashimoto

Photo by Jen Pepper
Tadashi Hashimoto's work, Grounding Sky, will be on display in Sculpture Court at Reisman Hall from April 2014 through April 2016. Hashimoto sculpts with geometric forms to bring about the articulation of gravity, motion, space and light. The physical order of Grounding Sky is resultant from maximizing the sculptural form to receive interference light waves in reaction to color.

Hashimoto paints various sides of the geometrically ordered rectangles in tones of blue, reminiscent of the sky. The sculpture’s angles and spaces capture a variety of light and shadow situations, enclosed and exposed. Hashimoto augments spatial and surface relationships, creating interactive tonalities of blue reflecting throughout and beyond the sculpture.

Grounding Sky by Tadashi Hashimoto
Grounding Sky, 2014

Photo by Jen Pepper
In this new sculpture, color is objectified in the real space, absent of the illusionism found in the surface of a painting. Hashimoto sees this outdoor sculpture as a conductor for sunlight with the blues of many surfaces creating a connection to the sky and to the implication of the Earth and existence. 
Artist Statement
"My direction in sculpture is to visualize and create a space that is evocative of a cosmic perspective, one nevertheless gained by meditating on the world around me. These sculptures, ranging in size from maquettes to site-specific outdoor works, employ the familiar qualities of wood, stone or steel, yet the sculptural dynamics suggest mysterious unseen forces at play.
"Observing and wondering about forces in nature fortifies my sculpture. In my recent works, multiple cube-like forms or curvilinear rhomboids appear to be in free-fall, either upward, downward or possibly frozen at the topmost point of motion.  I have devised methods for stabilizing the blocks in the sculptures, even as they give the appearance of instability.  Time and change are also hinted at in the details of the materials such as the grain of wood, light and shadow, color relations and surface textures.

Tadashi Hashimoto in his studio
"As I work, I position the blocks to maximize and articulate in-between spaces, interior and exterior areas.  I visualize my material as if it contained another hypothetical space that is being shaped.  This process of focusing on the space during construction is my main interest during this intuitive exploration of paradoxes like weight and weightlessness, calmness and commotion, centered and un-centered.
"The sense of motion in my sculptures is a catalyst that encourages the viewer to kinetically observe.  By becoming physically aware of space, he or she may find wonder in the perceptions of space and mass.  The active onlooker can enter the interior of my large outdoor sculptures and experience myriad views.
"Ultimately, my sculptures are intended to recapture the feeling and understanding that our terrestrial existence is mysteriously connected to the cosmos.  Leaving the earth’s gravitational field in the 20th century continues to affect the consciousness of the collective mind. My sculpture is about this yearning for externalizing and realizing a greater cosmic relation to space and matter."

Grounding Sky has been created in honor and memory of Joan Nelsen (Staten Island, NYC) artist, textile designer, art patron and friend of the artist.

Work by Tadashi Hashimoto

Oronsko, Poland