Exhibition by Faculty from the Division of Art and Design

Event Date(s): 
Thursday, September 4, 2014 (All day) to Sunday, October 12, 2014 (All day)
Art Gallery Sculpture Court at Reisman Hall
In conjunction with the annual Cazenovia Art Trail, this group exhibition includes two, three and four-dimensional creative works by faculty and instructors teaching in the Division of Art & Design.  Artists include the following members of the faculty at Cazenovia College: Jo Buffalo, Corky Goss, Michael Granan, Andrea Hempstead, Margaret Judge, Hannah Morse, Paul Pearce, Jen Pepper, Sarah Powell, Josef Ritter, Carla Senecal, Allyn Stewart, Sarah Stonefoot, Kim Waale, Anita Welych, and Renqian Yang. Read more below about some of the artists and their work.

A Faculty Reception will be held on Thursday, September 4th from 4 – 5:30 p.m. The exhibition will run from September 5 - October 12, 2014.

Corky Goss

Corky Goss is a Professor of Studio Art at Cazenovia College, as well as a muralist in the CNY region specializing in murals that interpret local history. His public mural projects can be found in Syracuse, Utica, Weedsport, Clyde, Lyons, and Newark. Two murals are currently being developed for Canastota, NY.

His "non-public" studio work focuses on painting and often develops themes relating to how our inner (private) and outer (public) lives intersect. Merging these personal and natural forms into flowing and colorful compositions that invite an open interpretation by the viewer is the intended result.

Artist's Statement
"The way a painting evolves for me is often an open-ended process that requires a building up of marks and form, with a sense of visual adventure and a kind of forgetting what I want to see in the work. This tension can become a struggle within the painting toward what I envision, or want to see. Requiring the painting to assert a direction of it's own is paramount to what I hope is visual discovery. Overriding themes of inner/outer, macro/micro, solid/amorphous, meaning/non-meaning, allow a continuity with past works, presented in current work in newly found ways."
Michael Granan

Michael Granan

Michael Granan is the Educational Technology Support Specialist in Reisman Hall. He will exhibit "Playing with Paint & Print," digital prints manipulated with acrylic paint on canvas. Michael earned a bachelor of arts degree from SUNY New Paltz and a master of arts degree in education at the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa. While at Alabama he worked as a graduate teaching assistant supervising student teachers placed in the local schools. Mike taught overseas for several years before returning back home to Syracuse. Mike’s career included teaching in Quito, Ecuador; Monterrey, Mexico; Kathmandu, Nepal; the Syracuse City Schools; and the Onondaga Nation School, before coming to Cazenovia College in 2008.

Mike has held many employment opportunities before arriving at Cazenovia College. They include, lifeguard, New York State Senate Legislative Assistant, Stockbroker, US Naval Reservist, Union Laborer, and NYS Peace Officer.

Andrea Hempstead

Andrea Hempstead grew up in North Syracuse, NY. She has been a Visiting Instructor in the Visual Communications Program at Cazenovia College since the Fall 2010. Prior to this appointment, she worked as a web designer and user-experience designer for Gomez, Inc. in Boston, MA and as a graphic designer for The Post-Standard in Syracuse, NY creating print and web advertisements as well as magazine layouts.

She teaches a wide range of courses within Visual Communications at Cazenovia including: Concepting, Digital Foundations, Kinetic Typography, Typography, Digital Page Layout, Graphic Design, Advanced Graphic Design, Interactive Graphics and Motion Graphics.

Andrea has an M.B.A. from LeMoyne College, Syracuse, NY, and a B.S. in Graphic Design from North Carolina State University College of Design, Raleigh, NC.

Selected Awards/Honors
2014 Paint By Pixels selected artist; 2012 Great Minds/Great Ideas Lecturer; 2011 NYNAME Awards – First Place Awards for Community Service, Online Static Advertisement, and Online Animated Advertisement; 2009 NYNAME Award – Second Place for Advertising Section/Newspaper Supplement; 2004 NYNAME Award – First Place for Advertising Section/Newspaper Supplement
Proof Through the Night

Paul Pearce

Paul Pearce grew up in suburban, middle-class America where he was brought up to respect authority, be good and also do good. As a church-attending Eagle Boy-Scout, Pearce was on a path to become a leader. Though his career trajectory was interrupted when he was drafted into the army, he did become a leader — a Lieutenant artillery forward observer deployed to Vietnam.

Combat in Vietnam has had a lifetime effect on the artist's worldview. Pearce returned home with a camera and a challenge to enlighten about the evils of war, eventually spending over two decades working with the Syracuse Peace Council managing SPC Press and producing SPC-TV.

Pearce started teaching photography at Cazenovia College in 2001, spent 11 years teaching at SUNY Oswego and has returned to teaching at Cazenovia.

Artist's Statement
"I use my cameras to speak out about the madness in which we live. My guns are put away; my camera is my weapon. My images are two-dimensional cries for reflection, attention and action."
Flotsam, 2014

Jen Pepper

Jen Pepper is an associate professor of Studio Art and Design at Cazenovia College since 2003 and the Gallery Director of The Reisman Hall Art Gallery. Pepper is a Canadian-born artist who has exhibited in solo and group shows in international and national venues since 1990.

Her work is included in the Flatfiles at Pierogi Gallery in Brooklyn, NY. A solo exhibition of her work including video projection with sculptural components was mounted in the Everson Museum of Art, Syracuse, NY and was reviewed in Sculpture magazine Vol.30 No.2, March 2011.

Pepper has been the recipient of granted awards including NEH, NYFA, NYSCA, Astraea Foundation and Saltonstall Foundation for the Arts. She has been an artist in residence to Art Colony Galichnik, Macedonia (2006), Foundation Valparaiso, Spain (2003), The Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, Anam Cara Colony, Ireland (2001), Yaddo (2000), Sculpture Space, (1997), Millay Colony for the Arts (1995)

Pepper has been a guest panelist at national Women’s Studies, Social Science and Society for Aesthetics annual conferences presenting papers on feminism and photographic explorations of identity, and visiting artist at University of Wisconsin at Eau Claire (2013). She holds a BFA from The Maryland Institute College of Art and an MFA from The University of Connecticut at Storrs and teaches at Cazenovia College.

Artist's Statement
"Initiated by a history grounded in fibers, my work explores intersections between the body, the world and the making of language. My drawn and sculptural works depict fleeting processes that cannot be fixed and are virtually impossible to harness; the velocity of a river’s flow, air currents, clouds, explosions, rhythmic breath, transcribed lines that revise and author texts, held in suspended activity. I make use of a variety of media to materialize a ‘drawn’ line. Through stacking, suspending, gathering and revising, ideas materialize by way of mark. The use of abstract modes of making solidifies the certainty of temporality and shift. Objects and ideas extend endlessly outward. Subject remains on the move and may unravel and reconstitute at any point. Linear in construction, my renderings make visible the interconnectedness between time and space as if warp and weft. Adjacent relationships afford the potentiality of alternative histories to always be considered.

"Nothing is ever permanent in these parts.

"The flatness of a picture plane gives way to spatial illusion once a mark is drawn upon it. Disparate ideas dissolve, assemble and resolve in my attempt to materialize alternatives analogous to the buoyancy of mimesis, semiotics and cerebral abstraction. The distance between the surface tension of water and a knit sweater is only time. My work speaks to evolutionary processes as much as to revolutionary ones."

Interior 2014

Joseph Ritter

Artist's Statement
I am very fortunate to be able to be both a visual and performing artist and have discovered both to be equally exciting. Having started my career as an actor and director in the theater, I have always appreciated the connection between the visual and performing arts. Theater requires, collaboration, words, action and the visual arts to move the narrative forward. Painting is more personal and very liberating. The images that I create as visual narrative are my own and I am no longer confined to perform or interpret someone else’s work. I am allowed to explore the nuances of light, color and imagery to create a visual story.

In the painting "Legends" for example, the gallery of spectators watches a modern legend of the sport (Tiger Woods), but a much greater story is revealed when we realize that all the legends of the game are present to welcome this new member to their ranks. The story comes full circle as the proud father looks down from the trees on the son he mentored.

Allyn Stewart

Allyn Stewart grew up as part of an extended army family and spent her childhood traveled around the world. She has lived in Cazenovia, New York since 1990 and has been an assistant professor in the Visual Communications Program at Cazenovia College since fall 2000. Prior to this appointment she taught as an assistant professor at Marywood University in the Graphic Design Program, Scranton Pennsylvania. In addition, she has taught as an adjunct assistant professor for Colgate University in the Art and Art History Department and at Syracuse University in the Communication Design and the Art Media Studies Programs.

She teaches a wide range of courses within the Division of Art and Design at Cazenovia; History of Visual Communications, Typography, Digital Design and First Year Seminar: Typography and Digital Bookmaking, Arts in the Community, Contemporary Developments in the Arts.

Prior to teaching full time, Allyn co-produced, directed, edited and videotaped a number of video documentaries: The Figure in the Landscape, (Stone Quarry Hill Art Park. Cazenovia, NY); From Sheltered To Integrated Work (Special Education Department, Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY); Women of Steel (Project Director and co-producer for Mon Valley Media, Pittsburgh, PA, an independently funded project), and was the Project Director for the Caring With A Contract (Project Director and co-producer, produced in conjunction with the United Steelworkers of America International Union). In addition to her collaborative work in video, Allyn’s art videos have won numerous awards, her video A Desperate Woman was seen on national television through the program Through Her Eyes which was produced by the The Learning Channel.

Allyn has an M.F.A. in Art Media Studies from Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY, an M.A. in Museum, Editing and Archival Studies from Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and a B.F.A. in Art History/Painting from Syracuse University.
Sarah Stonefoot
I'll Remember for You

Sarah Stonefoot

Sarah Stonefoot assistant professor andpProgram director of Photography joined Cazenovia College in 2013. She previously taught as a visiting assistant professor in Photography & New Media at Beloit College, Wisconsin from 2008 to 2013. She received a BFA from the University of Buffalo and an MFA from Illinois State University. Her work has been shown nationally in both group and show solos at galleries including the Catherine Edelman Gallery, Wakeley Galleries, Silver Eye Center for Photography, the Center for Fine Art Photography and the Black Box Gallery.

Artist's Statement
Each photo in this series is a portrait of an individual that died on October 26, 1993, the same day as my mother. As a way of dealing with her death and a greater look into how American society deals with, or rather avoids, death, I created a series of portraits. Each image is based off of the minimal information taken from his or her obituary - it may be a hobby, a career or a personal characteristic that someone is remembered by. My understanding of the individual is screened through the writer of the obituary, the editor of the paper and the cultural ideals of what is worth remembering.
Kim Waale
Robin, 2014

Kim Waale

Kim Waale, soon to be an artist-in-residence at Stiwdio Maelor in Wales, UK has also been an artist-in-residence in Spain (2010), Macedonia (2008), and Ecuador (2007) and has received grants and residencies from organizations including I-Park, Sculpture Space, Light Work, the International Studio and Curatorial Program in NYC, the Saltonstall Foundation and the Millay Colony. In addition to recent exhibitions at Memorial Art Gallery in Rochester (where her work won multiple prizes), the Everson Museum and the Warehouse Gallery in Syracuse and her work has been shown in at Hallwalls Contemporary Art Center in Buffalo, the A. I. R. Gallery in NYC, the McCormick Freedom Museum in Chicago, and museums and galleries in Wales, Bulgaria, Macedonia and Spain. In 2003, she co-authored the book A Due Voci: The Photography of Rita Hammond (Syracuse University Press) with Dr. Ann Ryan and Dr. Julie Grossman. She is a professor and program director of Studio Art at Cazenovia College in Cazenovia, NY.

Artist's Statement
"My recent work is whimsical fiction, a slippage between reality and artifice, made of dumb materials and yet, it's a romantic natural hybrid. The unnatural materials used to construct this artificial bit of landscape are readily evident. By making these materials self-evident, the illusion of landscape disintegrates even as it is being created. The literal materials of this installation emphasize the dislocation of the scene — in an art gallery far from the 'real' location. Representation embodies difference and distance from the thing represented. Most of us prefer to view the natural world from a comfortable, controlled, and safe distance. But what are the consequences? After spending one and a half days in Disney World, my nephew spotted a living egret near a manufactured tree and remarked with surprise, 'Hey, that’s a real bird!'"
Passenger Head

Anita Welych

Anita Welych is a mixed-media artist who studied painting at Cornell University, Syracuse University and the Universidad Nacional in Bogotá, Colombia. She currently teaches art at Cazenovia College, serving as Foundations Director until 2010. She has received two Fulbright Grants to Colombia to study, teach and lecture at various universities across the country.

Artist's Statement
"The 100th anniversary of the extinction of the passenger pigeon serves as a contemporary beacon to remind us how our human activities are leading to mass extinctions and ecological degradation.

"To memorialize this important anniversary, I have cast a number of life-sized, bas-relief ceramic passenger pigeons as plaques and installed them in the wooded areas of Stone Quarry Hill Art Park and in Sapsucker Woods at the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology, areas at one time inhabited by passenger pigeons. As visitors chance upon one, then another pigeon while walking the trails, they have both physical and mental space to ponder the loss of nature – and the nature of loss. "