13th Annual Great Debate

Event Date(s): 
Wednesday, May 1, 2013 - 7:00pm
Cazenovia College's Debate Society will have its 13th Annual Great Debate on Resolved: The Federal ban of assault weapons shall be reinstated. The Great Debate will include prepared arguments, cross examination, and questions from the audience.

The Debate will take place in the McDonald Lecture Hall.

The Affirmative Team
Anneliese Aliasso, Whitney Belcer, Justina Bowen, Lyndsey Garvilla, Jessica Green, Alex Hazard, Thien Huynh, Alyssa Pagliei, David Podeswik, Aaron Vickers

The Opposition Team
Brandon Anthony, Dean Engle, Naomi Figueroa, Tia Huse, Wes Lawrence, Katie Murray, Rachel O'Cain, Nicole Rizzo, Alex Rudiak, Lauren Schumann, Samantha Young

Great Debate Video
View the Great Debate at www.cazenovia.edu/great-debate-video