Student demographics and an aging infrastructure present significant financial hurdles for the College. Cazenovia remains heavily dependent on tuition revenue - especially challenging in the face of unprecedented competition for students from peer institutions offering ever increasing amounts of financial aid to fill their freshmen classes. Furthermore, public institutions, backed by public funds, have expanded programs and facilities. As Cazenovia has increased its competitive advantage during the last decade, it is also rapidly reaching the upper limits of operating revenue that can be directed to student aid and academic programs.

Named and endowed scholarships and financial aid funds assist in our efforts to attract students with academic promise and provide opportunities to those with the greatest financial need. By supporting endowed scholarships, donors enable current and admitted students to experience the value of a Cazenovia College education.

Recent studies show a significant majority of Americans believe that providing their children with a college education is the greatest financial challenge they will face. They also believe providing that education is more important than ever before. Access and opportunity are hallmarks of a Cazenovia College education and we will not define our student body by its ability to pay. Therefore, we consider this need among our highest priorities.

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