a large group of Cazenovia young alumni

With more than 1,600 graduates from the past decade, young alumni have an opportunity to leave a lasting legacy at Cazenovia.

The support of Young Alumni, no matter the size of the gift, is essential to Cazenovia's tradition of Building Futures. When you make your gift, you send a strong message of pride in your experience.

If every graduate within the past decade gives $40 (less than the average cost of a text book while in college), there will be an additional $64,000 to support Cazenovia College. Collectively, Young Alumni can make a drastic impact at Cazenovia College.

Show how much your Caz experience means to you by making a gift to prove that our Young Alumni can leave a lasting legacy.

Honor Roll
The following Young Alumni, graduates within the last ten class years, have made their gift this year.  Thank you to the current young alumni donors for their commitment to Cazenovia College.