Board of Trustees Committee Assignments - Right Column

Richard L. Smith, Chair
Paul W. deLima
Victor A. DiSerio
Jeffrey H. Heath
William F. Locke
Margery Pinet
Betty J. Roberts '70
Thomas R. Tartaglia

Human Resources
Connie Whitton, Chair
Faculty to Board sub-committee
Margery Pinet, Chair
Stephanie Cotton Rudnick ’93
Staff to Board sub-committee
Roberta Lee August '58, Chair
Edward Priest
Mary "MJ" Walker '72
Michael Flannery

Institutional Advancement
Andrew G. Church, Chair
John Bartolotti
Grace Chiang
William B. Eberhardt
Margie Dobin Miller '69
Betsy Rosenfield Samet

Victor A. DiSerio, Chair
Paul DeLima
Jeffrey Heath
Steven J. Infanti, Sr.
Thomas R. Tartaglia

Student Life
Stephanie Cotton Rudnick '93, Chair
Roberta Lee August '58
Andrew Church
Margie Dobin Miller '69
Betty J. Roberts '70