About Your Account

Account Types
Below are descriptions of the various types of accounts used on and around campus.

A board type tender that is included with student meal plans. One meal will be deducted from your account to enjoy a meal at our dining hall or in the Student Center. Meals are for the personal use of the meal plan holder only. Meals are non-refundable unless a student officially withdraws from Cazenovia College within a certain time-frame.

Guest Meals
Guest meals are included with each meal plan and the number varies per plan. Guest meals are per semester and do not roll over semester to semester.

Gold Meal Plan: Ten (10) Guest Meals/semester
Blue Meal Plan: Five (5) Guest Meals/semester
Commuter Meal Plan: Two (2) Guest Meals/semester

Dining Dollars
A stored value tender that is included with your meal plan; the amount varies per plan. Dining Dollars are per semester and do not roll over semester to semester nor year to year.

Gold Meal Plan: $200
Blue Meal Plan: $ 75
Commuter Meal Plan: $ 25

A stored value tender and when added to your CazCard account, makes your ID Card a 'Debit Card'. Cazenovia College students and employees can use their CazCard to purchase a variety of products and services on and off campus for the cardholder and/or their friends, relatives or guests. CazCash rolls over from fall to spring, but not spring to fall. Students can request a refund at the end of the spring semester or upon separation from the College.

CazCash is a prepaid declining debit account accessed with your ID Card. There are no account fees and it is free once you have obtained your card.

NOTE: The CazCard can be used as a debit card at several locations (Accepting Locations) on and off campus. It is not a credit or charge card program, no cash withdrawals or cash advances are permitted. It also does not accrue interest or other earnings.

What is the difference between Dining Dollars and CazCash?
Dining Dollars are part of your meal plan package and can only be used in the Dining Hall, Sayford Cyber Café or Les Pâtes et Les Nouilles. Dining Dollars expire at the end of each semester; they do not roll over from semester to semester.

Can I have both Dining Dollars and CazCash?
Yes, both accounts are accessed with your CazCard. If you have both it is your responsibility to tell the cashier which account you want to use when making purchases.

Can I transfer funds from Dining Dollars to CazCash?
No, Dining Dollars is part of your meal plan package and is a separate account from CazCash; there is no way to transfer funds from one account to the other.