A Behind the Scenes Look

March 31, 2014 - 4:44pm -- klwilson
            The promotional materials are vital for any type of event. Within the fashion industry a photo shoot does just that. A photo shoot can allow a sneak preview of what is to come, and embodies and exemplifies the inspiration and theme.

            Each year the Fashion Show Production and Management class plans and produces a photo shoot inspired by the fashion show theme and title. This year’s Urban Chic fashion show is derived from a big city fashion week such as, but not limited to, New York City Fashion Week. In preparation for the photo shoot the class and promotion team was to consider trendy and chic street style and what individuals attending fashion shows would be wearing. Also, reflecting the true meaning of Urban Chic within the photo shoot was essential. Urban can be defined as relating to, or characteristics of a city or town. In addition, chic can be defined as elegantly and stylishly fashionable.

            The photo shoot is a 100% student planned production by students in the Fashion Show Production and Management Class; it is photographed and edited by a student photographer, and also uses student models. In addition, the clothing is provided by the students, and hair and make-up was done by a fashion student. This year’s photo shoot had several planned shots with single poses, as well as group shots. Prior to the photo shoot on February 22nd, the photographer took images of graffiti locations around Syracuse, New York. The photo shoot was then completed in the photo lab of the Art and Design building of Reisman Hall with the plan to photo shop the model’s in front of the graffiti background. To allow a differentiation between the background images, the students also utilized outside locations around Cazenovia, New York, for group shots.

            The photo shoot is always an exciting event and marks the point where the fashion show theme starts to become prevalent and visualized. Look out for these images featured around the Landmark Theatre on April 26th for the 41st Cazenovia College Annual Student Fashion Show Urban Chic. To see more images from the photo shoot visit our Facebook page.