Sep 21 2014

Alex Benetel

Flickr recently announced their Top 20 Under 20 Photographers of 2014.  The list contains an impressive range of work from around the world, and a quick look through the work reveals a familiar face.  Cazenovia Photography student Brittany Juravich is the subject of one of Alex Benetel's photographs.  Benetel, an Australian photographer captured Brittany in the midst of New York City.  The unlikely connection of a Cazenovia student and an Australian photographer happened entirely through the power of social media and it's just one of the many connections Brittany has made with other photographers. 
Sep 15 2014
Blog: Canterbury

  A group of students joined by Associate Professor, Jen Pepper, travel to Canterbury, England to study abroad for the fall semester. 
Sep 11 2014
Sierra Szwec
Students enrolled in the first year seminar, 100 Days, 100 Photos learned how to take a photograph with forced perspectives. The control is all in that camera angle.  To check out more of the work they are making this semester head over to tumblr and search #caz100. 
Sep 8 2014

The Faculty Exhibition OPENS in the Art Gallery in Reisman Hall

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