Oct 23 2014
Students enjoying a bit of Halloween Haunting with companion American & UK students at the Ebury cottages!
Oct 23 2014
Pounds 2 Euros- Angelica Clark 
Oct 22 2014
The companionship of a good friend-Angelica Clark
Oct 21 2014
Making it Rain with my #Monet, #Selfies and puns. 
Oct 20 2014
Canal Tour in Brugge, Belgium. 
Oct 19 2014
Stephanie Fuchs attends her art history class in the Sidney Cooper Gallery. 
Oct 17 2014
Kelsey Ruth completes handstands in the UK and EU.
Oct 16 2014
Equality for all of its Citizens!- Bruges, Belgium
Oct 15 2014
All of the Same Kin~ Patience Misner.
Oct 13 2014
Brugge. Belgium~ Jen Pepper
Oct 10 2014
My Britons to British textbook, Holmes Court College Road-Alexandra Nordman
Oct 9 2014
Visiting the Churchill War Rooms gives an inside look into what World War II was really like. 
Oct 9 2014
Taking a tour of the Victoria and Albert Museum and The National Gallery is a pleasant surprise to student, Ashley Morgan. 
Oct 9 2014
The students of 100 Days, 100 Photos recently took a field trip to Chittenango Falls to learn how to photograph moving subjects and enjoy the fall colors. ​
Brittany Juravich
Emily Esty 
Oct 8 2014
Kelsey Ruth and friends spent Saturing touring art museums throughout England and ended the day in Tralfagar Square. 


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