Alex Iannicello

Admissions Counselor Alex Iannicello

Alex Iannicello

Assistant Director of Admissions
Financial Aid Counselor

Phone: 800-654-3210

New York - New York and Richmond counties
New Jersey

Bio: Alex Iannicello

Hometown:  Warners, New York

High School attended:  West Genesee High School

Where did you go to college?  Cazenovia College

What did you study?  I received a Bachelor of Professional Studies in management with a specialization in sport management.

What were you involved in?  I participated in men’s lacrosse, hockey and golf.  I was an active member of the Student Government Association, where I was the president for the Class of 2012.  I was also involved with the Student Athlete Advisory Committee, Sport Management Club, Sigma Alpha Pi, and I was crowned Mr. Cazenovia in 2010 and 2012.

How long have you been at Caz?  Recruiting since 2012

What do you like about working in Admissions? I enjoy having the opportunity to meet young, eager students who are looking for the place where they would like to spend their next four years, and being able to promote the place that has helped me be where I am today. 

What advice would you give a student who is interested in Caz?  My advice for a student who is interested in Cazenovia would be to do the three things that I did when I was a student: be active, be happy and enjoy the next four years!! 

What do you like best about Caz?  What I like best about Cazenovia College is the campus community.  Everywhere you go on campus, there is always someone who will greet you with a smile and say “hello.”

What is your favorite spot on campus?  My favorite spot would have to be Christakos Field.

What is your favorite hobby?  I enjoy coaching lacrosse for Cazenovia College.

Favorite quote, book, or movie:  My favorite quote is “Non ti preoccupare. Essere felice.”  “Don’t worry. Be happy!”