First Year Summer College

The First Year Summer College program at Cazenovia College is a great time for students to adapt to a new learning and living environment. It is a five-week program held from early July through mid-August for pre-freshmen and returning students. It is packed with opportunities to grow and continue to learn how to learn.

Summer College: July - August
Benefits and Services:
  • Get a head start on earning college credits
  • Improve grade point average
  • Improve learning skills
  • Help make the transition from high school to college
  • Academic Counseling
  • Career Counseling
  • Tutorial Services
  • Cultural Activities
  • Developmental Courses to prepare for college-level subjects

Contact: Jesse Lott, Director, 315.655.7161

[ Download the First Year Summer College Timeline (pdf) ]

1. Who may participate in the First Year Summer College?
Any incoming first year student may attend the First Year Summer College Program. The following are some reasons for attending:
  • Some students who attend this program seek to complete developmental courses (non-credit courses that remediate basic skills in reading, writing, and mathematics) before the fall semester starts.
  • Some students who attend this program seek to complete some academic course work before the start of the fall semester. Two courses are available for students: SB120 Introductory Psychology and CM121 Effective Speaking.
  • Students who attend this program experience a structured living and learning environment that helps prepare them for the first year transition from high school to college.
2. What was the 2013 cost of the First Year Summer College program?
Tuition, room, and board was $900. Students enroll in seven credits. (Costs listed are approximate.)

3. When does Summer College start? When does Summer College end?
In 2013, students arrived on Sunday, July 7. Students departed on Wednesday afternoon, August 7, 2013.

4. How do I enroll?
Contact the Admissions Office and/or Jesse Lott, Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning, 1st floor of the Learning Center.