Barbara Hager

  • Professor of Biology
  • SM 101 FYS courses (Birds and Bees; Nature's Underworld)
  • SM 117 Diversity of Life
  • SM 118 Cellular and Molecular Biology
  • SM 224 Zoology
  • SM 243/343 Biotopics (Biology of Parasites, Oceans)
  • SM 306 Field Natural History
  • SM 307 Animal Behavior
  • SM 315 Genetics and Evolution
  • SM 470 Environmental Interpretation
  • SM 499 Senior Capstone
Barbara Hager, Cazenovia College Professor, Environmental Biology
Humanities & Natural Sciences
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Office Location: 
Eckel Hall 215
Dr. Hager came to Cazenovia College in 2000, bringing with her years of experience in field research and instruction. Her biological specialties are behavioral ecology and entomology, with a special interest in dragonflies and solitary wasps and bees.  Several of the undergraduate students working in her major research areas have presented and published their research.  Dr. Hager also has guided smaller research projects on salamander diversity and habitat selection, aquatic macroinvertebrate diversity and ecology, lichen diversity on different tree species and rock types, protist diversity of lichens and mosses, behavioral enrichment in zoos, and changes in individual insects' behaviors in relation to size and age.
  • Ph.D, Biology, University of New Mexico
  • MS & BS in Environmental and Forest Biology, SUNY College of ES&F
  • Denhoff, L.M.* and B.J. Hager. In prep. Microhabitat characteristics of sites utilized by spiketail nymphs.
  • Hager, B.J., N.J. Kalantari* and V.A. Scholten.* The Distribution of Cordulegaster (Odonata) Nymphs in Seeps and Springs of Nelson Swamp (NY: Madison Co.) Northeastern Naturalist. 19(sp 6):67-76. doi:
  • Bried, J.T., B.J. Hager, P.D. Hunt, J.N.Fox, H.J. Jensen and K.M. Vowels. 2011. Bias of reduced-effort community surveys for adult Odonata of lentic waters. Insect Conservation and Diversity. Doi:10.1111/j/1752-4598.2011.00156.x (published online June 2011)
  • Hager, B.J. and W.M. Shields. 2011. Use of lakes by Cordulegaster maculata (Twin-spotted spiketail). Argia 23(3):29.
  • Pezzolesi, L.W.S.* and B.J. Hager. 1994. Ant predation on two birch leaf-mining sawflies. American Midland Naturalist 131:156-168.
  • Hager, B.J. and S.A. Teale. 1996. The genetics of pheromone production and response in the pine engraver beetle, Ips pini. Heredity 77: 100-107.
  • Hager, B.J. and S.A. Teale. 1994. Repeatability of female response to ipsdienol enantiomeric blends by the pine engraver beetle, Ips pini. Journal of Chemical Ecology 20:2611-2622.
  • Teale, S.A., Hager, B.J. and F.X.Webster. 1994. Pheromone-based assortative mating in a bark beetle. Animal Behavior 48:569-578.
  • Hager, B.J. & F.E. Kurczewski. 1986. Nesting behavior of Ammophila harti (Fernald)(Hymenoptera: Sphecidae) American Midland Naturalist 116:7-24.
  • Hager, B.J. and F.E. Kurczewski. 1985. Cleptoparasitism of Ammophila harti (Fernald) (Hymenoptera:Sphecidae) by Senotainia vigilans Allen, with observations on Phrosinella aurifacies Downes (Diptera:Sarcophagidae). Psyche 92: 451-462.
  • *undergraduate student authors
  • Oral Presentation at Northeast Natural History Conference: "Microhabitat characteristics of sites utilized by spiketail nymphs" (presenter: Lindsay Denhoff*)
  • Oral Presentation at Northeast Natural History Conference: "Bias of Reduced-Effort Diversity Surveys for Adult Odonata of Lentic Waters" (w/ Jason Bried)
  • Poster Presentation at Northeast Natural History Conference:“Distribution of Cordulegaster diastatops (Odonata: Cordulegaster) in Nelson Swamp, Madison County, New York” (w/ Nina Kalantari* and Van Scholten*
  • *students
  • Past experience
  • Instructor, Cranberry Lake Biological Station (1991 -1993)
  • Visiting Assistant Professor, Sweet Briar College (1994)
  • Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Richmond (1995-1997)
  • Assistant Professor, Adrian College (1997-1999)
  • Current Experience
  • Adjunct Full Professor - SUNY-CESF (supervise master's thesis projects & teach a course at the Cranberry Lake Biological Station)
  • Collaborator, NY State Dragonfly and Damselfly Survey (DEC and NYS Natural Heritage Program)
  • Collaborator, NY State Natural Heritage Program On-going survey for endangered and threatened species
  • Collaborator, Odonate communities and conservation in the wetlands of the Rome Sand Plains and Albany Pine Bush
  • International Society of Odonatologists
  • Dragonfly Society of America
  • Association of Northeastern Biologists
  • Sigma Xi: The Scientific Research Society