Bachelor's Degree in Psychology


The Psychology program leads to a Bachelor of Science degree and provides a background in the wide range of approaches used in modern psychology. These perspectives include the behavioral, biological, cognitive, developmental, humanistic, psychoanalytic, and social approaches to the study of behavior and mental processes. The Psychology program provides students with an educational experience that will contribute to the understanding of themselves and others, as well as prepare them for graduate school and professional careers in psychology-related fields.

Student Learning Goals:
• Students will gain familiarity with the major theoretical approaches, findings, and historical trends in psychology;
• Students will develop an understanding of applications of psychology to personal and social issues. This includes understanding themselves and others in a cultural context and developing interpersonal skills for diverse settings over their lifespans;
• Students will practice and value skeptical inquiry, critical thinking, and the scientific approach to understanding behavior and mental processes; and
• Students will learn to express themselves professionally and effectively in both written and oral communication.

Special Features:
    •  Students have the option to join the Psychology Club. Visit the Student Clubs and Organizations web page for more information.
    •  Students may have the option of joining Psi Chi, a psychology honors society, if membership criteria are met.  Click for more information.
    •  Cazenovia College is now offering students the opportunity to earn a dual degree in Criminal Justice and Psychology.  Students earning this degree can go on to work with individual or families of individuals in the legal system, provide expert testimony, and study criminal offenders, among other areas of employment.  Click here for more information on this program.

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