Degree in Environmental Biology

Environmental Biology

The Environmental Biology program leads to a Bachelor of Science and is designed for students wishing to pursue careers as naturalists, field biologists, environmental educators and other allied fields.  The curriculum includes a set of core courses giving the student the essentials of current biological knowledge as well as electives that increase the opportunities for practical experience with fieldwork and student-driven research.

Student Learning Goals:
  • Provide students with a solid foundation in biological, ecological and evolutionary principles that apply to the field of environmental biology
  • Provide students with knowledge of the real-world applications of environmental biology in addressing critical environmental issues
  • Provide students with specialized practical experience through service-learning, independent research and internship opportunities.
  • Prepare students for a variety of career and advanced study choices
Special Features:
Extensive field and research component in local natural areas.

Field biologist
Environmental/Biological educators
Natural resource conservation
Wildlife management
Environmental consulting
Natural history and interpretation