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Bachelor of Arts

Students who choose the Bachelor of Arts in English like to read and discuss stories, plays, and poems—and many enjoy writing in these genres, as well. Along with a common core of literature courses, students select additional elective courses in literature, film, theatre, communication, and creative writing; and they are also encouraged to work with program faculty to create special topic courses and senior seminars in subjects not covered in the established curriculum. English majors develop a solid foundation for graduate study in English, English education, journalism, law—and in other disciplines requiring strong critical thinking skills and talent in spoken and written communication. Although not required, internships may be sought in fields related to English studies, for instance, journalism, or in professional fields like business and management. Because the program includes 45 hours of elective credit, students often combine their major in English with minors such as Pre-Law, Psychology, or Sport Management.

Minor in English
A minor in English is an excellent option for those who have enjoyed the subject and wish to extend their literary studies beyond the high school level. In addition, a minor in English can have a positive impact on the job search, since the critical thinking and writing skills associated with courses in English have long been recognized as essential by business leaders, policy makers, and the general public.

  • To prepare students to become lifelong learners in both their professional and personal lives;
  • To encourage intellectual, social, and ethical growth through the critical examination of literature, theatre, film, popular culture, and communication;
  • To help students develop the more specific skills associated with the discipline: written and spoken communication, literary appreciation, and critical, analytical thinking; and
  • To prepare students to be successful citizens and leaders in a global community.
Special Features:
  • Small classes taught in seminar/discussion format by well-qualified, full-time faculty members;
  • Opportunities from year one to contribute to the student newspaper, "The Quad";
  • Opportunities from year one to go on stage (or backstage) with theatrical productions in the College‘s historic Catherine Cummings Theatre;
  • Semester abroad opportunities in Canterbury, England.
  • Opportunities to visit area theatrical sites to see live theatre at discount rates; and
  • Flexibility: although graduation from the College requires 120 credit hours, the English program requires at most 36 credit hours in English, many of those elected from program options.
  • The College offers an Inclusive Adolescence Education Program which prepares students for New York State initial teacher certification in Adolescence Education, English (7-12) and in Teaching Students with Disabilities (7-12).  For more information please visit: http://www.cazenovia.edu/academics/divisions-and-majors/social-and-behavioral-sciences/inclusive-adolescence-education-english

   Course (Credits)
   See Degree Requirements: General Education requirements (33)
   Critical Thinking, Problem Solving and Information Literacy:
   HU 375 Methods of Inquiry (3)
   Senior Capstone: HU 499 Capstone Seminar in the Humanities (3)

Art & Sciences Courses 
   Course (Credits)
   EN 110 The Field of English (1)
   EN 210 Approaches to Literature (3)
   EN 216 Shakespeare (3)
   EN 312 Advanced Expository Writing (3)
Three of the Following Four (9)
   EN 314 British Literature to 1800
   EN 315 British Literature 1800-Present
   EN 321 Literature of U.S. 1800-1914
   EN 322 Literature of U.S. 1912-Present
One of the Following Two (3)
   EN 221 Ethnic American Literature
   EN 351 Postcolonial Literature
One of the Following Two (3)
   EN 401 Narrative Structure: Prose and Dramatic Literature
   EN 475 Theoretical Approaches to Literature and Culture
EN 441 Seminar: Genres and Movements (3)
EN 451 Seminar: Writers in English and Translation (3)
EN Electives* (6)
   *With the approval of the Program Director, courses in Communication 
     Studies or film may also be selected.
Total Arts & Sciences Program Credits - 37


Arts and Sciences Electives 
   Course (Credits)
   100-400 level (12)
   300/400 level (12)
Total Arts & Sciences Elective Credits - 24

Open Electives 
   Course (Credits)
   100-400 level (15)
   300/400 level (6)
Total Open Elective Credits - 21



Contact Information:

Eric Boyer
Professor and Program Director, English
13 Nickerson St.
Phone: (315) 655-7164
E-mail: eboyer

Jennifer Ferguson
Associate Professor, English
41 Lincklaen St.
Phone: (315) 655-7281
E-mail: jferguson

Christine Geyer
Assistant Professor, English and Director, Academic Writing
7 Lincklaen St.
Phone: (315) 655-7987
E-mail: cageyer

Grazyna Kozaczka
Professor, English and Director, All-College Honors Program
13 Nickerson St.
Phone: (315) 655-7302
E-mail: gkozaczka

Warren Olin-Ammentorp
Professor, English
13 Nickerson St.
Phone: (315) 655-7102
E-mail: wolin

Roxana Spano
Visiting Assistant Professor, English
303 Eckel Hall
Phone: (315) 655-7882
E-mail: rbspano

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