Featured Alumni

Wondering where a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Biology from Cazenovia College can take you?

Here is what some of our recent graduates have been doing ...

Janet Elliott '09 started working for the Cazenovia Preservation Foundation within a few weeks of graduation. She has been coordinating hiking trail work days and various environmental education programs.

Jennifer Rossetti '09 (Biology Minor) is working for the US Department of Agriculture's Farm Service Agency. In the past few years, Jen also dedicated many volunteer hours to the Great Swamp Conservancy in Canastota, NY.

In September 2008, Rachel Busch '08 was hired as the business manager at the Lime Hollow Center for Environment & Culture (Cortland, NY) where she oversees finances and helps with environmental education. The impressive start of Rachel's career is proof that internships are important; she interned at Lime Hollow in 2007.

Shortly after graduation, Caitlin Snyder `07 began work as a conservation intern with the Natural Resources Department at Naval Air Station Pensacola in Florida. She participated in and led activities such as tree plantings, timber sales, prescribed burns, and environmental education (e.g., see Trout Point Nature Trail below). Caitlyn then completed another Student Conservation Association internship at the Western Ecological Research Center (USGS) in Henerson, Nevada where she was involved with desert tortoise research, Joshua tree management, and other biological surveys.

Caitlin and a planting machine inserting
pine seedlings.
Caitlin finalizes a planting by tamping earth
around the roots.
Low-intensity fire lets the small ones survive.

Caitlin was also involved in public relations (such as for Earth Day celebrations), coordinating beach clean-ups as part of the Adopt-A-Beach Program (click here for an article written by Caitlin), working to protect endangered/threatened species such as the gopher tortoise, and monitoring other species in areas of Florida and Alabama. She may even become a certified wildland firefighter along the way.

Read articles about the Trout Point Nature Trail in the "Gosport": April 18, 2008; link or pdf, April 25, 2008; link or pdf.

She is currently a graduate student at SUNY ESF in Syracuse, NY where she recently received a Walker Fellowship from SUNY Potsdam's Center for Lifelong Education and Recreation for her proposal, "Nonnative earthworm impacts on woodland salamanders and their native prey: Implications for Adirondack forest health".
Starting a prescribed burn with a drip-torch.
Keeping an eye on the burn.
the trees will be fine.

Michael Malfitano '07 is now an Environmental Specialist with Fairfax County, Virginia, where he works on their greenhouse gas control and green energy programs (e.g., collecting methane from closed landfills to produce electricity). Previously, Michael worked for ATC Associates as an Environmental Scientist on Phase I and Phase II site assessments throughout Maryland, Virginia and Washington, DC, and he worked for SCS Engineers (Reston, VA) on landfill gas and water testing.

As a graduate student working toward her Master of Science degree in Biology at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, Theresa Clark '06  studied the distribution of mosses and other bryophytes throughout Grand Canyon National Park. She spent the summer of 2007 collecting specimens along the North and South Rims and the Colorado River. In 2008, she sampled bryophyte communities across different habitats and elevation zones to describe how the composition of these communities varies with elevation. Her collecting adventures included overnight trips on the Colorado where she learned to row through whitewater (but wisely let the guide negotiate the biggest rapids).