Events & News

Service Learning

The Cazenovia Conservation Corps helped clear brush along the interpretive trail at Nelson Swamp.
Students in the Cazenovia Conservation Corps painted and distributed 30+ recycling boxes throughout campus (boxes provided by Campus Services).
Students and faculty from the Environmental Studies program (and friends) helped clear small trees and brush from the Fairchild Hill Trail (Caz. Preservation Foundation).
Students, faculty, and friends helped with the annual trash clean-up along Chittenango Creek (organized by Chaplain Steve Young).
Students and faculty from the Environmental Studies program (and friends) helped clear small trees and brush from a section of the South Trail (Caz. Preservation Foundation) between Cazenovia and New Woodstock

Field Trips

Students in Field Botany learned about street tree health and management from Tom Tait (arborist and Village of Cazenovia Trustee), hand-pulled cattails from the ponds behind the Athletic Center, and clipped cattail stems under water around part of the college farm pond to increase plant species diversity in all three of the college’s ponds.
The Life In and on the Lake (First Year Seminar) class visited the NYSDECs Salmon River Fish Hatchery and the Salmon River falls.

Other Events

Eric Sanderson, Associate Director of the Living Landscapes Program of the Wildlife conservation Society (New York, NY), presented a lecture on the Mannahattan Project. His work has been featured in various media outlets, including National Geographic and the Discovery Channel.

Several students and faculty will attend Northeast Natural History Conference X in Albany, NY (

The Cazenovia Conservation Corps hosted a visit by Dan "The Snakeman" Chase.

Donald McCrimmon, Jr. moderated and Barbara Hager, Rhea Jezer, and Thad Yorks served as Facilitators during a Panel Discussion on Environment in the Aftermath at the Fifth Annual Conference On World Affairs (sponsored by the Wheler Family).

Matt Critz (Critz Farms), Don Ferlow (local wetlands expert), and Thad Yorks gave a presentation at the Cazenovia Public Library regarding the design and plant species selection for the Lakeside Park Restoration Project (sponsored by the Cazenovia Area Community Development Association). To view part of the presentation, go to and click on Plant Species.

Theresa Clark (Class of 2006) presented results of her senior research project at the Northeast Natural History Conference IX (Albany, NY). Her presentation was awarded Best Student Botanical Talk by the New York Flora Association. Barbara Hager and Thad Yorks each also presented one of their research projects.
As part of the Coffee and Conversation series, Dr. Hager presented Spring Awakenings in which she discussed animals and plants that are active as winter turns into spring.
In the entrance to the Witherill Library, Caitlin Snyder constructed a Cones of the World display that included more than 25 tree species from around the world. The cones remained on display through early fall.
Dr. Robin Kimmerer (SUNY-ESF) gave a presentation on The Beautiful World of Mosses. Dr. Kimmerer wrote Gathering Moss: A Natural and Cultural History of Mosses (2003, Oregon State University Press) which won the John Burroughs Medal Award for Best Natural History Publication in 2003.
On behalf of the Spring 2005 Environmental Interpretation class (Dr. Hager), Theresa Clark (photo-left) and Laura Hayden (right) accepted the 2005 Design Competition Award from Save the County (, a non-profit land trust in central New York. The trail that the class designed will be constructed at the Woodchuck Hill Field and Forest Preserve in Manlius, NY. Other students in the class included J. Strong, C. Snyder, M. Smith, and W. Cheng.
The Cazenovia Conservation Corps (student club) sponsored a visit by Cindy Page from Page Wildlife Center (Manlius, NY). Cindy showed us several birds of prey and explained their life history.