Bachelor's Degree in Biology


The Biology program leads to a Bachelor of Arts and provides students with a broad background in basic biological principles from the cellular and molecular levels through evolution and the functioning of ecosystems.  As such, the biology curriculum provides the breadth of biological experience essential for a diversity of careers in the health fields, in basic biological research in the laboratory and field, in biology education, or in business and industry.  The curriculum includes a set of core courses in science and hands-on learning opportunities.

Student Learning Goals:
  • Provide students with an understanding of the breadth of biological fields
  • Provide students with a solid foundation in biological, ecological and evolutionary principles that apply to all of biology
  • Provide opportunities for laboratory or field research experiences
  • Prepare students for a suite of potential biological careers

Special Features:
Biological researcher
Lab technician
Health professional
Science journalist
Management in biologically-based business or industry