Bachelor's Degree in Management: Health Care Management

Health Care Management

The Health Care Management specialization of the Management program integrates the primary function of management with issues related to the health care industry. Graduates will be prepared for entry-level management positions in the fields of health care. The program leads to a Bachelor of Profession Studies degree, incorporating a curriculum that includes a significant emphasis on managing health care facilities, health care planning and policy-making, problems and procedures found in the industry and an understanding of compliance issues necessary for an official in this industry.

This specialization is only offered through the Center for Career and Extended Learning Services.

This specialization is fully accredited through the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education. Visit to learn more about our accreditation status and to review the Annual Report to IACBE.

Student Learning Goals:
 •    Prepare students for entry-level management positions in the health care industry; and
 •    Prepare students for advanced studies in business. The curriculum is designed for transfer into an accredited MBA or MPA advanced degree.

Special Features:
Students who select this major will experience management practices through health care internships. The course work is designed with special emphasis on current events in the industry where students will be expected to solve real-life examples of situations they may confront in health care management. Coursework has been carefully designed to provide students with an interactive environment.