Fashion Design/Merchandising

FD designates courses required for Fashion Design students; FM designates courses required for Fashion Merchandising students. Courses listed as FD/FM are required courses for both Fashion Design and Fashion Merchandising programs.

FD 110 Clothing Construction I
3 credits (CS)

Students will learn the techniques of sewing machine operation and garment construction needed to master the basic principles of clothing construction required for fashion design courses. A series of sample projects will be demonstrated and students will complete sample projects in muslin. Students will also construct garments from commercial patterns. Students are expected to purchase their own supplies and fabric for this class. (Offered fall term)

FD 111 Clothing Construction II
3 credits (CS)

Students will further their knowledge of the sewing and garment construction fundamentals taught in FD 110 Clothing Construction I. Students will complete garments from commercial patterns and will complete sample exercises as demonstrated by the instructor. There will be an emphasis on more complex sewing concepts as well as memorization of the fashion vocabulary necessary to communicate effectively in the fashion industry. (Offered spring term) Prerequisite: FD 110 Clothing Construction I or permission of instructor.

FD 113 Fashion Drawing
3 credits (CS)

Students will learn to use basic fashion drawing as it is used in the apparel industry today. They will learn how to create and use the basic croquis and technical flats to visually communicate design concepts, finished garments, fabric and construction details to a product development team. Students will be introduced to principles of design relating to the figure and the elements of line, shape, color and texture in designing and drawing. A variety of media and techniques will be explored as means to present three-dimensional designs in a two-dimensional format. Emphasis will be placed on keeping a sketch journal and developing drawing skills which are aesthetically pleasing and technically accurate. (Offered fall term)

FD/FM 131 Survey of the Global Apparel Industry
3 credits (AS)

This is an introductory course that establishes the various product categories in apparel and the innovative processes that sustain the global apparel industry. Students will acquire a basic understanding of the nature of fashion and study the history and development of the various segments of the apparel industry in order to examine the unique and complete interdependency of these segments as well as industry trends. In addition, this course analyzes the apparel business; how it is conceived, marketed, and sold. Students will study the trends and the power of fashion in society as well as determine the scope of jobs in the fashion business and how the student can prepare for entry-level jobs and plan careers. Management: Fashion Merchandising students must take this course in their second semester. (Offered spring term)

FD 212 Patternmaking: Draping
3 credits (CS)

In this course skills and techniques in apparel design are developed by experimentation with three-dimensional designs draped on dress forms. A series of projects are selected from original sketches and applied to the proper fabric in constructed garments. Various designing techniques are learned. Stress is placed on proper fit, concept creativity, garment construction and marketability of design. (Offered spring term) Prerequisites: FD 110 Clothing Construction I and FD 111 Clothing Construction II or permission of instructor.

FD/FM 213 Textiles
3 credits (CS)

This course is designed to acquaint students with textile properties, products and production processes of fiber, yarn, fabric, color applications and finishes. Production methods, end-use performance and aesthetics of textile materials will be stressed in terms of their importance in fashion applications, including fashion merchandising and design of apparel and related soft goods. Lectures, laboratory exercises and student projects further the student's understanding of fabric as the foundation of the fashion industry. (Offered fall term) Prerequisite: EN 101 Academic Writing I.

FD 221 Flat Pattern Drafting 2
3 credits (CS)

Students will gain an understanding of the apparel production process through a study and application of garment design, pattern drafting, and construction of basic garments. Through lectures, demonstrations, and projects, students will develop the ability to visualize garment design and construct garments using flat pattern techniques and the use of creative, technical construction skills. Emphasis will be on developing proper fit, comfort, quality, and construction of the garment for specific designs. Professional level patterns of designs will be made into finished garments. (Offered fall term) Prerequisites: FD 110 Clothing Construction I and FD 111 Clothing Construction II or permission of instructor.

FM 250 Fashion Merchandising
3 credits (CS)

In this class students will explore the theoretical and practical functions and roles of merchandising in fashion-related manufacturing and retail businesses. Specific focus will be on the planning, development and presentation of product lines in retail stores. Students will study the principles, procedures and techniques practiced by merchandisers of fashion goods in determining buying assortments, resource selection and product pricing and promotion. (Offered spring term of odd numbered years.) Prerequisites: BU 110 Principles of Management, BU 120 Principles of Marketing and FD 131 Survey of the Global Apparel Industry.

FD 255 Digital Techniques in Fashion Illustration
3 credits (CS)

Students will explore Fashion Illustration as it is used in the apparel industry today. In this advanced course, focus will be placed on learning the creative programs of the Adobe Suite: Photoshop and Illustrator. Most fashion companies employ the use of computer sketching rather than traditional methods and many entry-level jobs are requiring knowledge of these basic programs. Students will use both the computer and traditional methods in illustrating fashions and accessories to show an understanding of the various customers, categories, and price points in the industry. Class will begin with basic exercises to learn the programs, then will turn to more specific fashion design projects. Computer-designed layouts will be a focus, as this is a major component in many Designer/Buyer meetings. (Offered spring term) Prerequisites: FD 113 Fashion Drawing and VC 118 Digital Foundations.

FM 261 Fashion Show Production
3 credits (CS)

Students plan, promote and produce annual student fashion show by working with local businesses and in student teams to develop and promote all aspects of the show in which student-designed garments are shown. Students will be responsible for the creation and implementation of an industry-oriented fashion show through research, lectures, individual and team-based assignments and projects. (Offered spring term)  Prerequisite: Sophomore standing or permission of instructor.

FD 318 20th Century Fashion Designers
3 credits (AS)

The study of fashion designers for the 20th century is the study of the understanding of the culture, society, economics and history of the fashion designers during this time period. This course will focus on the evolving role of fashion in society and how the future is linked to the past and how global economic development, political influences and technological circumstances influenced the growth of the fashion industry. A consistent theme to be addressed will be the growth and development of design houses, from individuals to the development of business models used in the fashion industry today. This course is built on a framework of the six most influential fashion designers in high-fashion in the 20th century including Charles Worth, Paul Poiret, Coco Chanel, Elsa Schiaparelli, Christian Dior and Yves Saint Laurent. A host of other designers will be studied throughout the course. (Offered alternate spring terms)

FD 321 Advanced Patternmaking
3 credits (CS)

Student will explore advanced techniques in patternmaking (flat pattern and draping) through a variety of design challenges. Emphasis will be on developing both flat pattern and draping techniques and on exploring what design challenges are best suited to each type of patternmaking. Through this process students will develop and learn to refine their skills in design and construction problems. This course will also introduce students to all the different target markets (menswear, children’s wear, maternity, to name a few) and identify how patternmaking changes with each market. Professional level patterns of designs will be made into finished garments that focus on proper fit, comfort, and quality construction. (Offered spring term) Prerequisites: FD 221 Patternmaking: Flat Pattern and FD 212 Patternmaking: Draping.

FD 322 Computerized Patternmaking (CAD)
3 credits (CS)

Students will be introduced to the application of computers in the fashion design process. Students will learn how to use the Optitex Patternmaking Software to create patterns and continue their understanding of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator as they relate to textile design, and complete exercises to practice various programs for patternmaking and textile design. Students will create a surface pattern design by repeat and color way by using professional design software, as well as understand the use of an engineered print fabric. By the end of the course students will be able to use various software tools for fabric design in order to create an engineered print as well as all-over textile design, repeats, and color ways. Students will be able to print their designs on fabric and use their textile print in an actual finished garment. (Offered fall term) Prerequisites: FD 221 Patternmaking: Flat Pattern and FD 255 Digital Techniques in Fashion Illustration.

FD 355 Global Perspectives of Dress in Culture and Society
3 credits (AS)

This course builds students' understanding of dress as it pertains to the individual wearing garments as well as the perceptions those choices of dress communicate to the observer. This course will open one's mind to the influence and impact of dress on various areas of life, age, gender, culture and society. By the end of the course students will be aware of the meanings of dress and be able to apply this knowledge to the area of design through the awareness of dress, the sociological and psychological impact of dress, merchandising and marketing. (Offered on a rotating basis.)

FM 361 Fashion Promotion
3 credits (CS)

Students will gain an overview of promotion practices in the apparel design, product development, manufacturing, and retail merchandising environment, including promotion planning and budgeting, special event organization, advertising, public relations, publicity, fashion show production, and visual merchandising. Students will identify current trends in fashion promotion, visual merchandising, and production of fashion shows as well as evaluate the effectiveness of promotion practices in the retail merchandising environment. (Offered fall term of even-numbered years) Prerequisite: FM 131 Survey of the Global Apparel Industry.

FD/FM 365 Product Development Principles
3 credits (CS)

This course provides specific knowledge and skills necessary to evaluate and create the apparel products found in the ready-to-wear industry. Students will be introduced to the product development process and learn the basic skills needed to take an apparel product from conception to consumption. Students will analyze ready-to-wear garments using industry standards related to end uses. Students will learn the basics of technical packets and be able to identify all the information needed to document the process in which to take a garment from idea to end use. Students will be able to use their knowledge of technical packets to build a fashion portfolio that demonstrates knowledge of apparel design, garment construction, and industry standards.  This course may be taught in a distance learning format. (Offered in an online format in fall term)

FD/FM 366 Product Development Applications
3 credits (CS)

Students will gain a better understanding of the product development cycle as it pertains to specific target markets through a series of projects that capitalizes on the skills learned in FD/FM Product Development Principles. Students will develop the ability to forecast, plan, conceptualize, source, spec, construct, grade and price for a defined user group and produce garments that are marketable for their defined user group. Designers and merchandisers will work in teams to create production samples and technical packets that will be presented in a showroom/market format. This course may be taught in a distance learning format. (Offered fall term) Prerequisite: FD/FM 365 Product Development Principles.

FD 381 Fashion Internship
3 credits (CS)

Students participate as interns in a variety of fashion-related businesses. The internship provides an opportunity to work off-campus under professional guidance to gain increased knowledge and career experience in the fashion field. Seminars accompany the internship to allow for exchange of information about students’ experiences. The College makes final arrangements for the placement and provides transportation when necessary. (Offered annually) Prerequisites: Junior level standing and permission of instructor.

FD/FM 382 New York Fashion Tour
2 credits (CS)

Students will tour fashion businesses to observe operations and production and meet with managers in a range of positions. Personnel in businesses ranging from small private enterprises to large, multi-national corporations will share insights on how they remain profitable in today’s competitive global business environment. Off-campus tours will include trips to companies in upstate New York and/or New York City. Preliminary individual company research and class seminars will introduce the week’s experience and allow students to experience a wide variety of fashion-related topics and career possibilities. Students will write papers and develop an individualized career plan, based upon the information obtained from the week’s activities. (Offered between fall and spring terms, students enroll in the course for the spring semester.) Prerequisite: Junior level standing or permission of instructor; fee-based course.

FD/FM 393 Internship Preparation
1 credit (CS)

This course provides students with the skills and materials required to search for and obtain an internship in FD 381 Fashion Internship. This one-credit course focuses on the professional behaviors of the fashion industry and requires students to create some of the materials needed for the internship experience. (Offered annually)

FM 398 Fashion Show Management
3 credits (CS)

Students coordinate the logistics for the production of a fashion show including fundraising, garment juries for evaluating designs, merchandising, staging, publicity and advertising, Students will lead student teams to complete all aspects of the planning and execution of a fashion event. (Offered spring term) Prerequisites: Junior standing and selection by instructor through a competitive interview process.

FD 451 Advanced Apparel Design
3 credits (CS)

In this course students undertake advanced work in patternmaking as it pertains to developing a collection. Students will use drafting and grading to create slopers for different size figures. Using those slopers, students will learn how to fit garments to a person versus a dress form. The course allows students to strengthen existing skill levels and take their design abilities to the next level, as well as explore techniques they want to use in their senior collection. Students will also learn more about what it takes to create a collection and consider the different target markets that might be included in such an endeavor. This course helps to create a connection between the research and writing in FD 498 and the development of the senior collection to be completed in FD 499 in the spring. (Offered fall term) Prerequisite: FD 321 Advanced Patternmaking.

FD 493 Professional Practices and Portfolio
3 credits (CS)

Students are exposed to the process of portfolio development, as required for the fashion industry. They will document their mastery of the knowledge and technical skills gained as fashion students through illustrations, photographs, and digital images and other material. They will develop the components of their portfolio along with the knowledge and skills necessary to begin a professional job search, including resumes and other business documents, cover letters, interviews, and networking. A variety of sources used to locate jobs in the fashion industry will be investigated along with discussions of career paths open to graduates with fashion degrees. (Offered spring term) Prerequisite: FD 255 Digital Techniques in Fashion Illustration.

FD 498 Senior Project: Research and Development
3 credits (CS)

This course is the first of a two-class sequence that constitutes the Senior Capstone experience, an academic requirement for all students at Cazenovia College. The research paper and design line planning will allow the student to reflect upon the experiences gained in their academic career, demonstrate their mastery of the skills and knowledge they have acquired as fashion students while preparing for their future profession. The focus of the class will be on the research methods and processes required for the development of a capstone research paper and project. The research process will include a study of research methods, concept proposal and definition, and a final written and documented research paper. Research will also be required for reflective and analytic papers, trend reporting/ forecasting, and line development. (Offered fall term) Prerequisite: EN 201 Academic Writing II.

FD 499 Senior Project: Apparel Collection
3 credits (CS)

This course is a continuation of the Senior Project: Research and Development course, in which students will create patterns, first samples, story boards; and conduct fittings and construct final garments for their senior collections. They will also plan and present lines as part of the annual student fashion show. Students will complete fashion collections of garments and presentation pieces, related conceptually to their research papers that tie their academic experiences to future endeavors. During the last three weeks of the term, students will present oral defenses of both their written and creative work, discussing the relationship between these two aspects of their Senior Projects. (Offered spring term) Prerequisite: FD 498 Senior Project: Research and Development.