Tutoring & Study Groups

The Center for Teaching and Learning coordinates a free campus-wide tutoring service.  It has been developed to guide the work of students in their courses of study.  The goal is to provide students with assistance to make their studies more efficient and successful.

Who are the Tutors?
Professional and Peer Tutors support learning through one-on-one and group contact.  They have a broad-based knowledge of subject areas, and display a passion and enthusiasm for their subject areas.  Peer Tutors have been successful in their courses of study and have been recommended by their professors. 

What can students expect at a tutoring session?
Tutors are prepared to answer questions about course material.  They will discuss and clarify assignments, lectures, textbook readings, quizzes, exams and any other study-related questions.  They can help decide what information is most important to learn and develop strategies to help students remember this material.

Why do students seek tutoring?
Most students use tutoring to improve their understanding of course material that contributes to improved grades.  Students use tutoring services for the following purposes:
  • Clarify problems – Help with specific questions and general knowledge on a topic.
  • Homework – Easy access to someone who can help when students get stuck on a problem or have a question.
  • Study skills – Acquire skills that can be applied across the curriculum.
  • Study groups – Provide guides for group work to get the most out of available time.
Students who regularly attend the free tutoring sessions report better understanding of course material, and better understanding leads to better grades!

Download the spring 2015 tutoring schedule (pdf).