"Being willing to accept difficult challenges, and to understand your mistakes, are the keys to what Project REACH is all about. Project REACH’s staff members will help you overcome any obstacle with strength and courage. This program defines the true meaning of "above and beyond" because they branch out into helping students of different cultures and capabilities come together and be a family - a Project REACH family."
~Lilliemae Ervin '16
"Project REACH has assisted me in ways I never would have thought possible. I have been given a lot of help with organization and coordination skills, which is one reason my previous fashion show went well."
~Quieesha Burns '13
"It has been great to be a part of Project REACH. Through this program I have met new people and gone on fun trips. In addition, there are other benefits, like the textbook loan program and free supplies. The staff is very nice and they do their best to help you with any problems you may encounter on your college journey. I am grateful to be a member of Project REACH."
~Alexandra Santiago '15
"Project REACH has helped me meet new people in school. I am an only child and it has helped me adjust to being away from home. I've become more outgoing."
~Akeem Wright '15
"Project REACH has helped me realize not only what I am capable of as a student, but also as a member of society. Without them developing as a student would have been difficult for me, but with their help, I am a success story and I want to do everything I can to point other students in their direction. Thanks Project REACH!"
~Taylor Larose Haesaert '13
"Project REACH has been there for me whenever I needed help with school work, whether it was with an essay or a resume. They helped me become adjusted to life on campus and create lasting bonds. I have never met more kind and caring people - I can just drop in whenever I want to see a friendly, familiar face."
~Shakilla-Rochelle Wright '12