Cadet Entrance Requirements

Entrance requirements for Cazenovia College's Extended Learning's Police Academy training programCivilians or sworn police officers may attend this Phase I training.

Cadets must:
1. be citizens of the United States of America or residents of the United States of America;
2. not have been convicted of a felony;
3. possess either a high school diploma or a General Education
Diploma (GED).

There are no minimum or maximum age requirements for cadets. However, it should be noted that pursuant to §58 of the Civil Service Law, a candidate seeking permanent appointment to a police officer title must be twenty years of age as of the date of appointment, and not more than thirty-five years of age as of the date when the applicant takes the written examination. Time spent on military duty or on terminal leave, not exceeding a total of six years, shall be subtracted from the age of any applicant who has passed his or her thirty-fifth birthday.