Course Offerings

Note: You are encouraged to confirm with your academic advisor at your home institution that you will receive credit for a course taken through Cazenovia College. Most colleges require a course description of the course to be transferred before granting permission. Course descriptions can be found below. To have your credits transferred, request that a transcript be sent to your school from Cazenovia College’s Enrollment Services Center.

Winter 2013

FA 112 Art History: Renaissance to the Present (3 credits)
Instructor: Anthony Trinchera, M.F.A.
The course covers Western art movements and styles from the Renaissance through the present. Sculpture, architecture, graphics, painting and new art trends and movements are considered as well as the political, religious, and social contexts of art.
SB 120 Introduction to Psychology (3 credits)
Instructor: Elizabeth Casey, Ph.D.
The focus of this course is on the scientific study of human behavior and mental processes, and how they are affected by environment, experience and physiology. Students are introduced to a variety of psychological terms, concepts and approaches.
SB 201 Multicultural Contributions to American Society (3 credits)
Instructor: Joseph Adamo, Ph.D.
The purpose of this course is to foster a better understanding of the rich diversity of cultural experiences that constitute American society. Using an interdisciplinary approach, various aspects of American history are examined from the perspective of the minority peoples themselves. Contemporary multicultural issues are also examined within the context of their historical framework.
SM 161 College Algebra (3 credits)
Instructor: John Livermore, M.S.
This course features basic algebraic and logarithmic concepts necessary to prepare students for pre-calculus and statistics. Topics include algebraic fundamentals; rational expressions; exponents and radicals; linear, quadratic, polynomial, rational, logarithmic and exponential functions; introduction to function inverses; system of equations; matrices. Applications are stressed throughout. Prerequisite: SM 099 or equivalent through placement testing or permission of the instructor.