Tuition Information

Spring Term Tuition Rates
Tuition per credit hour: $232  
Total tuition for 3 credit course: $696
Refund Policy for Institutional Charges
Refunds for institutional charges are made only after an official add/drop form is completed. Add/drop forms are available in Enrollment Services for full-time students and in the Center for Career and Extended Learning for part-time students. All refunds are based on the official withdrawal date noted on the add/drop form.  The refund will include only tuition. Once a drop has been processed, the student should contact the Center for Career and Extended Learning to verify method of refund.

1st week (until end of Add/Drop Period): 100 percent of tuition
2nd week: 75 percent of tuition
3rd week: 50 percent of tuition
4th week: 25 percent of tuition