Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to enroll in the Cazenovia Programs?
Students who have earned 60 credits or more at the community college level, or earned their Associates degree are eligible. The completion of the 60 credits is key—this is the lower division course work which must be completed prior to taking the Cazenovia course work.

How do I join the Program?:
Getting yourself on the path to a four-year Cazenovia degree is easy! Call or e-mail staff in the Center for Career and Extended Learning and they can start you in the process. After you’ve downloaded and filled out the Matriculation Form you’ll want to send it with your official transcripts from all colleges you’ve attended.

Send your official transcripts and forms to:

Center for Career and Extended Learning
Cazenovia College
22 Sullivan Street
Cazenovia, NY 13035

Contact Information:

Sherri Benedict
E-mail: sjbenedict [use suffix]
Phone: 315.655.7288
Fax: 315.655.6996

After I enroll, am I a Cazenovia student?
Absolutely.  You are a member of the Cazenovia student body.

Can I take all my courses at the community college?
While the vast majority of your classes will occur at your community college campus, there is a requirement that at least one class be taken on the grounds of Cazenovia College. Near the end of your upper division course work, you and your classmates will come to the Cazenovia campus during the summer, for a few weekends, and complete one class. Cazenovia College arranges for you to have rooms and meals for your weekend visits.   

What benefits and privileges are associated with being a Cazenovia student?
You have a Cazenovia e-mail account, access to Blackboard, and use of CazNet, our internal network. You have full access to our library, which is part of the academic library consortium known as ConnectNY. Via the online catalog you have access to over 5 million volumes. The library catalog allows for off-site connectivity plus direct access to over 5,000 e-books and participation in the virtual reference service known as “Ask Us 24/7” which is very useful for after-hours research and distant education.

Are students permitted to take a Cazenovia course if they are not matriculated ?
Yes, but they must still meet the regular criteria and register for the class. 

How much does it cost per unit?
$245 per credit hour. Any materials fees are additional.

Do out of State residents pay a special rate?

Do non-Herkimer County residents need to complete a Certificate of Residency Application and have it notarized?

What are the drop/add policies?
During the add/drop period, which ends after the first week of classes, a student may drop or add a class by using the Add/Drop Form and submitting it to the Center for Career and Extended Learning.

A student may withdraw after the add/drop period, and receive either a WP, which indicates a withdrawal with a passing grade, or a WF, which indicates a withdrawal with a failing grade.

What are the withdrawal and refund policies?
Refunds for institutional charges are made only after an official withdrawal form is completed. Withdrawal forms are available in the Center for Career and Extended Learning.  All refunds are based on the official withdrawal date noted on the withdrawal form.  The refund will include only tuition.
1st week (until end of Add/Drop Period): 100 percent of tuition
2nd week: 75 percent of tuition
3rd week: 50 percent of tuition
4th week: 25 percent of tuition

Is there a separate registration fee?

Is there an application or matriculation fee?

Do I have to write an application essay?

Do I have to have taken the SATs or ACTs?

What is the course registration process?
Once matriculated, you must register for classes each semester. You may download and send in the Registration Form or fax to 315.655.6996. You may also e-mail Sherri Benedict at sjbenedict [use suffix].

Why is a social security number required?
For tax reporting purposes we are required to collect this information.

Can students audit a Cazenovia course?
Yes. A student might wish to audit a class for personal enrichment, or to review a course previously completed at another college. The student should note the audit on the registration form, and submit $200 per credit for the class. As an auditor the student has the right to attend the class and participate in all of the activities of the class; there is no obligation to fulfill course requirements or to take examinations. Neither a grade nor credit is given for the course.

Are the Cazenovia programs recognized as accredited programs?
Yes, Cazenovia College and the satellite programs are accredited by Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools, and the New York State Board of Regents endorses our baccalaureate programs.

What is the minimum class size for a Cazenovia class?
Five (5) students

Are the Cazenovia instructors required to use approved course syllabi and textbooks?
Yes, because these are Cazenovia classes. The curriculum and textbooks used are the same ones that are used on the Cazenovia College campus.

Are Cazenovia courses transferable?
Yes. Cazenovia College has articulation agreements with hundreds of colleges and universities.

Are there prerequisites for some of the classes?
Yes, there are, but you may have already completed them at your community college. You should have your lower division course work transcripts sent to the Center for Career and Extended Learning at Cazenovia College, so that we can see if you need to take additional courses before matriculating.