Work History, Experience and Skills

Any of the headings may be used to describe your work experience. If possible, use headings that define your experience when you have skills that you would like to highlight on your resume.

Work History
Work Experience
Employment History
Employment Experience
Relevant Experience
Relevant Skills and Experience
Skills and Experience
Volunteer Experience
Volunteer Skills and Experience
Particular Skill Area, i.e. Accounting, Managerial, Human Services, Design, Equine Experience

This is the section that will allow you to display your skills and experiences gained through part-time, full-time, paid, volunteer and internship positions.
Write down the tasks and responsibilities you have had in each job and internship. Choose action verbs to start each statement describing your work experience.

Historic Research Assistant, Everson Museum, Syracuse, New York, November 2006-Present
- Examine the historical significance and catalogue findings on the Engman Natatorium
- Collect and analyze research documents from various resources including local public libraries, county records offices, and state agencies
- Investigate and propose evidence of local historical landmarks for documentation in the national registry of historic places
- Process and summarize findings to create reports on the significance of historical preservation

Note the order in which the information is presented; Job title, Business/Organization, City/State and Dates of Employment.

Then list the responsibilities or accomplishments you achieved at your work place. Order the information by importance. You may want to omit small, less significant duties. Always keep the position you are applying in mind when you are writing your resume.