Liberal Studies

Students with liberal arts degrees tend to pursue a liberal education because of their varied interests and scholarly leanings. Employers want to hire new graduates that have a well-rounded educational background. So many careers require multiple skills and abilities and often the liberal arts graduate has the skills employers are seeking. Employers are seeking job candidates who have excellent communication skills; this includes writing, speaking, reading and listening. Also employers want employees who are self-motivated and are able to work independently and in teams. Many courses have prepared liberal arts graduates for these tasks. Other qualities employers seek are proof of a good work ethic, the ability to get along with others, the ability to manage conflict, flexibility, initiative, energy and intelligence.

Liberal arts majors would do well to obtain at least one, but preferably more, internship to focus on areas of interest and thus demonstrate to employers that you have experience and expressed interest in a particular area.

Students also pursue a liberal arts major because they are building a foundation for graduate school. Law, education and social sciences are among the top choices for liberal arts majors.

Students in this major have completed internships and have found employment with the following:

Boys and Girls Club of Syracuse
Burton Street Elementary School
Catholic Charities of Onondaga County
County of Onondaga Law Department
Dryden Mutual Insurance
Free Spirit Imports
Hamilton Elementary School
Institutional Advancement/Cazenovia College
Liberty Resources
Manlius Historical Society
Manlius Pebble Hill School
Natural History Collection/Cazenovia College
Onondaga Historical Association
Page’s Wildlife Rehabilitation
The Children’s Museum of Saratoga