Health Care Management

All industries need management. In health care, there are many careers that do not include providing medical care to patients. Health care is a rapidly growing industry and will experience high levels of growth for many years. The administrative professionals in health care are typically found in Business and Financial, Fundraising, Compensation and Performance Management, Grants and Contracts, Risk Management, Labor Relations, Information Technology, Government and Community Relations, Recruitment, Purchasing, Volunteer Administration and Public and Media Relations Departments.

It is important to keep in mind that many executives and managers in the health care business come from the clinical setting. Doctors, nurses, and other allied health professionals who demonstrate management capabilities are often targeted for administrative positions. As non-clinical health care management majors, it is important to focus on particular skill sets in college course work. Also, obtaining an internship(s) in a health care setting will greatly enhance your opportunities to work in health care management.

Those who pursue Health Care Management careers will be involved in directing and leading others, motivating employees and building cooperative relationships, analyzing problems, developing and managing budgets, establishing priorities and supervising the work of others. Advancement in a variety of health care settings may require additional education and training.

Employers are looking for people who are and have the potential to be good communicators, organizers and leaders. Gain experience through internships, on-campus activities, volunteer work and part-time employment. Demonstrate your management and leadership accomplishments and capabilities on your resume and in interviews.

Students in this major have completed internships and have found employment with the following:

Crouse Hospital-Human Resources
Duane Reade Pharmacies
Make a Wish Foundation of Central New York
University Dialysis Center