Internships and Jobs

Internships and Jobs


An internship...
  • is a supervised, pre-professional work, service, or learning experience;
  • allows students to gain professional experience as a student and apply knowledge and skills acquired in the classroom;
  • is usually time-limited (certain number of hours, a semester or a summer);
  • is primarily a learning experience, however, many interns contribute to the organizations’ operations by developing and implementing projects, and serving as staff members;
  • is a graduation requirement for most Cazenovia College majors; where required, Cazenovia College students register for a minimum of one internship experience/course for credit;
  • can be paid or unpaid;
  • requires a supervisor at the site to mentor and lead interns through professional experiences;
  • provides students with valuable information about their personal career goals.
Employers/Internship sites...
  • welcome students to participate on projects and organizational operations that provide students with meaningful professional experiences;
  • mentor and influence the next generation of professionals;
  • may recruit successful interns as full-time, permanent employees at the completion of internships and/or the completion of the students’ academic programs; employers have the opportunity to observe interns, their work behaviors and work ethic to determine if there is an organizational fit between the students and the employers.
Internship Preparation
Preparing for an internship is very much like preparing for a job search. You must:
  • prepare your resume,
  • write a cover letter, and
  • complete an interview with potential sites.
As your internship is your first step toward your professional career, writing a resume, cover letter or preparing for an interview is also your first step toward your professional career.
Explore the information provided here to learn more about these steps. For additional information on internship planning, contact our office or your academic advisor.

When To Start
Students are encouraged to begin planning and looking for internships as much as a year in advance depending on the type of internship you want. Large companies usually have organized internship programs that have application deadlines prior to interviews and candidate selection. Smaller and/or local companies do not always require applications and may provide internships for students on an as-needed base. If you know of a company you would like to intern for, start looking now and find out the process required to apply for an intern opportunity.

Please keep this in mind: START EARLY - AT LEAST ONE SEMESTER PRIOR TO THE TIME YOU WOULD LIKE TO BEGIN YOUR INTERNSHIP!! Every company and organization has specific timelines for accepting internship applications and selecting interns. Research is critical and it is your responsibility to know when the application deadlines are.

Developing an effective job search strategy is as important as writing your resume and cover letter and as important as having great interviewing skills! The most effective job searches are those that are goal specific and targeted to a specific industry and geographic location.

Be careful when using national job search data bases as they can eat up a lot of your time and often these data bases do not yield enough options and resources.
Searching for a job is a job. Devote dedicated time and energy to the job search process. Doing so will pay off in the long run. A job search for a new graduate can take as long as six to nine months.

Patience is important. Frustration is to be expected. However, use the following suggestions that may help you construct an effective job search.