Standardized Admissions Exams

Most graduate programs require a standardized admissions exam. The type of exam depends on the academic discipline you are pursuing. The scores an applicant receives on entrance exams is a factor in applicant acceptance. The weight of entrance exams varies from program to program. There are a few programs that no longer require standardized entrance exams and there are some programs that put less emphasis on the scores. Some graduate programs will only require a standardized entrance exam if your GPA does not meet the program’s minimum GPA requirement. The programs that do not require a standardized admissions test and those who place less emphasis on the tests may view the student’s cumulative GPA as a better predictor of success in graduate school. Most importantly, remember that graduate schools differ on where they place their emphases when reviewing applicants.

Below is a list of graduate and professional school admissions tests. Preparation materials have been published in all of the professional disciplines. There are many online resources and the Career Services Office has many resources for preparing for most of the professional disciplines.
ARCO Master the GMAT CAT; Thomson, 2003
ARCO Master the LSAT; Thomson, 2003
Cracking the GMAT; Mark, Geoff and Robinson, Adam, 2004
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Official LSAT Preptest with Explanations, The; law School Admission Council, 2000
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