Mission and Vision

Mission Statement
Founded in 1824, Cazenovia College is a small, independent, coeducational college offering baccalaureate programs in the liberal arts and professional studies. Embracing student success as its primary mission, the College comprises a diverse yet close-knit residential community that fosters intellectual, social, and ethical growth.
Our experiential and co-curricular learning opportunities and dedicated team of faculty and staff provide for an individualized educational experience that balances academic and student life.
Graduates of Cazenovia College possess the knowledge and skills necessary to become informed and successful participants in the global community.
Vision Statement

All members of the Cazenovia College community will share in achieving recognition of Cazenovia as one of the nation’s leading independent colleges. The intellectual, cultural and physical environments of the College; its academic and student life programs; and opportunities developed through its alumni network, will form the foundation of an excellent education with an increasingly global context.
Cazenovia College will integrate state-of-the-art and emerging technologies into the learning environment, concentrating on a traditional and personalized experience that fosters active engagement. Enhancing our interdisciplinary approach to curricular development and delivery will promote life-long learning.
The College community will increase symbiotic partnerships and collaborative relationships, sharing expertise and resources toward mutual advancement. Cazenovia College's learning community will build on its long tradition of making an active, ongoing contribution to the intellectual and economic success of a diverse democracy in our interconnected world.