Mission and Vision

Founded in 1824, Cazenovia College is a small, independent, coeducational college offering baccalaureate programs in the liberal arts and professional studies. Embracing student success as its primary mission, the College comprises a diverse yet close-knit residential community that fosters intellectual, social, and ethical growth. Our experiential and co-curricular learning opportunities and dedicated team of faculty and staff provide for an individualized educational experience that balances academic and student life. Graduates of Cazenovia College possess the knowledge and skills necessary to become informed and successful participants in the global community.

Throughout its long history, Cazenovia College has been a community focused on learning, nourished by diversity, and strengthened by integrity. Our task is to preserve this tradition for future generations – providing a range of superior opportunities for personal and professional success in a supportive and rewarding environment.
All members of the Cazenovia College community will jointly share in achieving recognition of Cazenovia as one of the nation’s leading independent colleges. The cultural, intellectual, and physical environments of the College; its academic and student life programs; athletic and co-curricular successes; and opportunities developed through its alumni network will form the foundation of an uncommon, uncompromisingly excellent education.

Graduates of Cazenovia College will be empowered by an innovative combination of liberal and professional education. By connecting theory with insights gained from practice, they will be able to solve concrete problems in the world around them. Our alumni will possess the highlevel abilities - analytical, communicative, practical, and ethical - required for active, responsible participation in both public and private life. With skills that are transferable from discipline to discipline, career to career, and one environment to another, Cazenovia College graduates will possess the abilities to work in their chosen fields as well as fields not yet imagined.

Cazenovia College will create a community of learning that meets the highest expectations. The College will, as a result, be positioned to continue its long tradition of making an active, ongoing contribution to the intellectual and economic success of a diverse democracy in an increasingly interconnected world.